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25 Years 
Orphaned Land 
The Anniversary & Very Best Tour 2016

Orphaned Land will celebrate their 25th anniversary with an exciting journey into World Metal music which takes you through Russian-Chinese and Middle Eastern metal. All three embedded in their own different cultures and yet all brought together in a night of the finest Metal music the world has to offer.

Support our Brothers and Sisters!

On our 25th anniversary tour.we wil like to ask you to reach out to our Brothers and Sisters, who are in a very deep place right now. Among the many refugees who left everything behind in search for safety, are plenty of fellow metal heads. We would like to ask you to reach out to them and donate a ticket to them. We will get for every ticket a fellow metal head from the refugee camps to the show so they can celebrate with us. And welcome them in our mids. like only our metal family can. All Is One!

Please donate ticket at following link:
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Orphaned Land

The pioneers of Oriental Metal from Israel will celebrate their 25th band anniversary. They have been building bridges all over the world ever since with their experimental Hebrew and Arabic infused Metal. From acoustic traditional instruments to full orchestral, the band knows how to capture the audience from start to finish! They will celebrate their 25 years band anniversary with a special set of their outstanding history taking you to a journey into the past, today and into the future.

Voodoo Kungfu

Introducing 'The Must see” band of 2016. True World Metal from China. Traditional Asian music infused metal. Throat-singing and the screams from thousands of tortured souls. Morin Khuur to full orchestral arrangements. Intensely dark, heavy and damn right impressive. You do not want to be to one that misses out on seeing them on their first ever European Tour!

Imperial Age

Aor is the Russian composer of our time. Imperial Age's Symphonic Russian Folk drenched Metal is undeniably bombastic as hell, yet brittle at times. They are on their way to becoming one of the big names in Symphonic Metal for sure!


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