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Verdena are a three-piece rock force; they started out towards the end of the 80s, when brothers Luca and Alberto Ferrari were less than 10 years old. Roberta Sammarelli joined the band in1996, and the line-up has remained the same to this day. They debuted with a self-titled album in 1999, produced by Giorgio Canali (a member of some of the most revered Italian alternative bands, such as CCCP, CSI, and PGR), which was released by Universal/Black Out and sold 40,000 copies.

Their second album, "Solo Un Grande Sasso", was produced by Manuel Agnelli (Afterhours, one of the foremost Italian rock bands).
With their third album, Alberto Ferrari took over production (recording entirely with analog equipment) and so, with the release of “Il Suicidio dei Samurai” (2004) and “Requiem” (2007), the band achieved total artistic independence, both records also being released in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Spain. Their fifth full-length studio album "WOW", a double album containing 27 tracks, was released in January 2011 after three years of silence. The record leapt immediately to number 2 in the top sales chart and all copies of "Wow" sold out in an instant, meaning the label had to speedily issue a second printing. "Wow" sold over 30.000 copies.
In 2011 the band began touring the length of Italy, with nearly every date sold-out. (90 concerts in Italy alone.) Their incredible wall of sound comes from a unique blend of punk fury, rock attitude, and emotional melodies, all fused with psychedelia. They have toured internationally with some of the most eminent foreign rock bands, extending their fan base outside Italy.
In May 2012, they returned to “Henhouse Studio”, their own personal recording studio, to begin composing new material. This creative process resulted in the band's 6th studio album, released in two separate volumes with 26 songs lasting a total of 120 minutes.
The first volume, “Endkadenz Vol.1”, was released on January 27th 2015 to great critical acclaim and debuted at number 3 in the Italian charts. Following the release of this album they toured with a total of 50 concerts in Italy alone, for the most part sold-out. The long-awaited second chapter, “Endkadenz Vol.2”, came out on August 28th 2015 and immediately reached 1st place in the charts. In autumn, the band performed another 30 concerts in some of the largest venues in Italy, during the second leg of their Italian tour.

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